The natural world, insects, and the organization of their habits and communities inform and inspire the process of Linnea Campbell's work. The organic life around us is a direct source of relation back to our lives. The most microscopic organic life is also what essentially allows us to exist and sustain our own lives. Organization and habitual routines are a big part of our daily lives, and seeing that happen in nature excites Linnea and motivates her work. She is specifically drawn to the ecosystem of the soil and, specifically, the role of the microarthropods in growth and decay. They work methodically together repairing and preparing the soil to nourish plant life, which in return nourishes our life. Linnea's work aims to shed light on these tiny creatures and the large impact they have on our world.



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Homespun: Modern Handmade, Indianapolis

Conspire: Contemporary Craft, Greencastle


Vitae Viride, Fort Thomas  

North Carolina:

The Zen Succulent, Durham 


Queen City Clay, Cincinnati